The Reviews

The Critics Rave about the Las Vegas Production…

“The best ever, ravishing to eye and ear.”

Pat Donnelly, “The Montreal Gazette” Theatre Critic

“It’s going to be a megahit.”

Norm Clarke, “Las Vegas Review Journal”

“The Las Vegas Spectacle Finally Gets A Plot”

Las Vegas Review Journal

“It is the singing and the dancing, the music and the lyrics, the choreography and an incredible company with outstanding sound, lighting, choreography, and stage design that puts NOTRE DAME DE PARIS” in a league with ‘Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Les Miserables’ and other staged classics of this genre.”

Joe Delaney, “Las Vegas Sun”

” I saw NOTRE DAME DE PARIS and…well, do the words Brilliant, Stunning, Beautiful, Imaginative, Overwhelming, and Cheering fit? …they sure do!”

Breck Wall, “Dirt Alert”

“By far the best production I have had the opportunity to see in a year. The best. The most moving, the most alive, even the truest.”

Nathalie Petrowski, “La Presse Montreal”

” A rock opera with pounding music that drives robust voices directly through your eye’s pupil and mainlines unbridled emotion straight to your brain and down your spine”. “When you leave ‘Notre Dame de Paris’, you won’t be humming some sweet tune skipping to your car, not after this emotion-stroking episode. Instead, you’re going to feel the pounding waves of music reverberating from each blood cell in your body and crying with joy and celebrating the beauty and resilience of the human spirit.”

Lynn Collier, “What’s On” magazine

“Notre Dame de Paris is deserving of top marks and a strong recommendation for those who savor theatrical presentations that aren’t encumbered by rules.”

Mike Paskevich, “Las Vegas Review Journal”